About Us

South Porte Bank is a locally owned, full-service, state chartered bank with locations in Marion and Plymouth, IL. The Bank, which was originally chartered in Plymouth more than 50 years ago, was acquired in 2012 by Southern Illinois investors who expanded the operation to Marion, which opened later that year. Since that expansion, which relocated the headquarters to the newly remodeled Marion facility, the bank has experienced tremendous growth. Anchored by a strong capital position and a focus on customer service and local decision-making, South Porte will continue to set a new standard in local banking in its respective markets. Our Mission Statement It is the mission of South Porte Bank to become the leader in financial services in the communities and surrounding areas in which we are located, through the development and delivery of products and services that provide premium value to our customers that satisfies their needs and desires. We strive to do so through a constant and proactive focus on customer service and satisfaction, employee satisfaction and well-being, and the maximization or return on investment to our shareholders.

Our Staff