South Porte Bank considers the health and wellness of our employees, customers, and community our top priority. As such, we are prepared to take reasonable steps if and when necessary to do our part in minimizing the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves in our market areas, and respond in a pro-active and measured manner accordingly.

South Porte has long maintained pandemic readiness and has enacted certain elements of our plan to ensure everyone’s safety. Those include additional cleaning of our facilities, additional precautionary measures regarding the handling and circulation of cash and coin, and enhanced education of our staff to help minimize risk.

We continue to review all communications with regulatory bodies with regard to government directives and guidance and will keep our staff and customers informed of any subsequent changes.

In addition to any CDC guidance with regard to individual preventative measures our customers can take, we encourage you to consider the following electronic 24/7 services available:

• ATM locations at each branch
• Online banking
• Mobile banking, including mobile deposit services

While we remain committed to providing face-to-face service to our customers that request it, we will make every attempt to provide you with the services you expect from us in a manner that conforms to current social distancing advice from the authorities.

To help us stay informed about any additional risk of the spread of the virus, please notify us immediately if any of the following apply:

• You have concerns about any safeguards we have or have not taken
• You have COVID-19 and have been to either of our locations within the last 14 days

As we look forward to an end to this unprecedented time, we ask that you continue to monitor our website for updates on any changes in services that may impact you. We ask for your continued patience as we all participate in combatting this health concern.

As always, we appreciate your business and anticipate a quick return to normal once this threat subsides. If we may be of assistance in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 618-998-0098.