Concealed Carry Law and Banking

The concealed carry law and banking in Illinois is several months old and banks are working to figure out if they will allow people to carry firearms when they come in. The Bloomington Pantagraph reports that the Illinois Bankers Association is fielding questions from banks around the state. Some banks have put up small signs read more »

How Does the Bank Approval Process Work if You Have Bad Credit?

How does the bank approval process work if you have bad credit? If you have bad credit, you can be denied a checking or even savings account at certain banks.  But banking site My Bank Tracker explains that the rejection doesn’t stem directly from your credit report but from something called a ChexSystems report. When you apply read more »

Student Loans: a right or a privilege?

Student loans have been the subject of great debate in both the halls of Congress and in our classrooms.  With well over a trillion dollars of student loan debt in the United States and many people hurting because of it, the student loan debate has become a hot button issue.  Some people that students should read more »

Travel Banking 101: Protect Your Money

Travel banking overseas can be expensive. Learn how to avoid ATM fees, get the best exchange rate, protect against fraud, and save money while traveling abroad. Avoid International Bank Fees The best way to obtain local currency overseas is to withdraw it from an ATM. It’s quick, easy, and you’ll get a great exchange rate. read more »

Pick the Right Type of Bank Account

Knowing your money habits will help you find the best and least costly bank account. Banks offer several different types of checking and savings accounts: Some pay interest, some don’t. Some offer perks, some don’t. Some are specifically for senior citizens or students, while others are geared to those with low incomes. They all share read more »

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